Who we are and why we care:

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Medical Director
Bennett Gaev, MD

Bennett N. Gaev, MD has practiced clinical psychiatry in Western Massachusetts for over 40 years. After graduating from Temple Medical School and completing a rotating Internship at Albert Einstein Medical Center in Philadelphia, he completed a residency in psychiatry and a one year fellowship in child and adolescent psychiatry at the University of Rochester in 1977. At the U of R, Dr. Gaev was inspired by the then new interdisciplinary model taking a biopsychosocial approach to medicine. This resonated with the example provided by his late father who was eulogized as a “country doctor practicing in the heart of Philadelphia.”

Between the late 1970’s and mid 1980’s, Dr. Gaev worked at local community mental health clinics, the old Northampton State Hospital, and then spent three years at the University Health Services at UMass Amherst treating college students and faculty. He continued to pursue his interests in family systems, couples psychotherapy, and Ericksonian Hypnotherapy. In 1985 he developed his full time private practice in Northampton and Longmeadow.

As new discoveries advanced the field of psychiatry in the 80’s and 90’s, Dr. Gaev developed more specifically focused psycho-pharmacological expertise, but has never lost sight of the necessity to address the needs of the whole person. With Lilly Gaev, LCSW, he established Therapeutic Associates, P.C. which consists of a collaborative of multidisciplinary clinicians offering complimentary areas of psycho-therapeutic expertise to a wide range of clients in the community.

Dr. Gaev has been Board Certified in Psychiatry since 1981 and has continued to obtain most of his continuing training through the Psychiatric Academy of the Massachusetts General Hospital in Boston. His areas of specialization include the treatment of mood and anxiety disorders; ADHD in adults and adolescents; and dual diagnoses. He and Lilly Gaev were two of the four co-founders of the ADD Center of Western Mass. in 1995. Since obtaining certification for prescribing Suboxone in 2007, he also has found deep gratification in treating people with opiate dependency coexistent with other psychiatric disorders; allowing them to attain more stable lives and relationships.

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Peter Corbett, LICSW has worked in private practice as a psychotherapist in the Pioneer Valley, for the last 30 years. He began his career after getting his BA from UVM in Sociology and Psychology in 1980, working first, as a community organizer working in low income communities in Burlington, VT. One of the key organizers in Burlington when Bernie Sanders became mayor, Peter has long felt a central commitment of his work is to help people become increasingly empowered and resilient. Just as he was about to head off to law school Peter changed track to explore a growing interest in transpersonal psychology and psychosynthesis.

Moving to Boston, Peter enrolled in a graduate program in holistic counseling, eventually transferring to the Harvard Graduate School of Education where he received a Masters in Counseling and Consulting Psychology. Here he studied the ways therapists, relationships, and communities converge to mediate personal evolutional processes so that we may move toward higher levels of development. After graduating from Harvard, given his long held belief in the value of communal living, he moved to Sirius, an intentional community in Western Mass.

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Clinical Director
Peter Corbett, LICSW

Peter continued his studies with an MSW at Smith College, and began private practice as a psychotherapist in the early 90’s, raising his family in Shutesbury, where he still lives.

Peter began studying neuroplasticity in 2010 after losing his mother to the neurodegenerative genetic-based disease, Huntington’s Chorea.
He became fascinated with the very promising research showing how psychedelics used in the clinical setting was successfully treating the various neuro-rigidified psychiatric disorders, based on their ability to foster neuroplasticity. He is excited about this work and eager to make available the fruits of this burgeoning field by offering state-of-the-art ketamine treatment and ketamine assisted psychotherapy for you here at The Center for Healing Journeys.

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Clinical Supervisor
Lilly Gaev, LCSW

Lilly Gaev, LCSW has been in private practice as the Clinical Director of Therapeutic Associates, PC. for 35 years. It’s been a delight to build that practice with her life, business, and tandem cycling partner, Bennett N.Gaev, MD. Now with added enthusiasm, she has joined Bennett and their gifted colleague, Peter Corbett, LICSW to bring The Center For Healing Journeys to the Valley.

Lilly’s training in psychology and social work was at Temple University and The University of Rochester, as well as at the Bristol Hospital Family Therapy Training Institute. Over many years her psychotherapy work has integrated treatment skills that draw from Family Systems therapies; Mindfulness based Meditation; CBT and Exposure Therapy; EMDR and other trauma based nervous system protocols for PTSD; OCD, phobias, and Anxiety Disorders; Ericksonian Hypnotherapy; Ego State Integration; and Emotionally Focused Therapy. She enjoys working with older teens and a young adult age population, as well as adults and, especially couples where one partner has recently received an Axis I diagnosis.

Through her life, Lilly has cherished memories of sitting at the kitchen table with her very brave and open mother, a Holocaust survivor, confronting and pondering together the qualities of fear, anxiety, hope, and resiliency that reside in, and pursue survival in the human species. How do we, as creatures who share a primitive nervous system so similar to other animal brethren; one so primed to sense danger and readily inclined to experience such disquiet of visceral arousal; develop a confident and safe self – regulating way of living in our bodies ? How do we maintain a healthy sense of self love that triumphs over the fear and shame that can chronically distort our cognitive framework. The treatment modalities Lilly has embraced over the years all serve to help heal and empower her clients in those realms that impact both their relationship with themselves and with loved ones, as well as their engagement with an often difficult world.

Having long followed both the earlier positive research in the healing capacity of certain psychedelics that was aborted in the 60’s, as well as the revival of FDA approved studies of ketamine as an antidepressant over the last 15 years; Lilly found it exciting to learn that the ketamine treatment experience can help facilitate the growth of new neural pathways in the brain. Pathways that enhance the development of resiliency; protect against the return of depression; and can open new avenues for healthier and less judgmental perspectives.

She very much looks forward to meeting you and collaborating in your Healing Journey.

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