What do you need to face the challenges of your life head-on?
The right support and state-of-the-art tools.

The Center for Healing Journeys is here for you: to help you master the tools you’ll need to make your life look, feel, and BE better.

Mental Health Professionals are increasingly saying that ketamine treatment is one of the most effective additions to our toolbox in decades. By all accounts, it’s a game changer! It is a powerful medicine that has the potential to pull you out of years of patterned negative thought processes and habits, and make it possible to re-set your sights on a course more inherently satisfying and meaningful. We are pleased we can make this medicine available to you, and we want to help you feel its full benefits.

At the Center for Healing Journeys we believe that the essence of well being is a full life. This means, an active commitment to building a positive relationship with all the aspects of your life that matter: taking good care of your body, your emotional health, your relationships, participating positively in your community and generally, feeling empowered in your life. While this may seem like a tall order, it is amazing how a free mind, unencumbered by old negative patterns allows you to make steady, positive steps along this path. In fact, most people are well aware of many small actions they can take to improve their lives but, instead they remain locked into their old, set ways. Ketamine treatment and our support will help you re-pattern your life.

Ketamine Treatment helps…


Treatment Resistant Depression
Ruminative Anxiety
Suicidal ideation
Post Traumatic Stress Disorder
Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder
Grief and Loss
Fear of Dying


* Fast Relief from Symptoms
* Mindful Presence
* A sense of Contentment and Purpose
* Improved relationship to self & others
* More open to try new ways of being
* A realistic perspective
* More comfortable in your own skin
* A deeper sense of life’s basic goodness


The Center for Healing Journeys offers:

Thorough Treatment Preparation
We will prepare you for your ketamine treatment by helping you create an openness to new experience. Through mindful presence and conscious assessment of your current life circumstances, we will help you connect to long held hopes and dreams and help you create a realistic plan for your well being.

Ketamine Assisted Therapy – We work with you to create a safe and comfortable setting to experience the ‘non-ordinary state’ of the ketamine trance and to help you make sense of the psychological ‘material’ that arises under its influence.

Integration Therapy – Anything that comes up during and after your treatment sessions has an intrinsic value. We help you hold a posture of openness and curiosity about it so we can together build a sense of yourself as strong and empowered; to see yourself as always learning and always growing.

Help Turning Your Journey into a Life Plan
– Like most of us, throughout your life there have been qualities you’ve admired and accomplishments you’ve hoped to attain. But then real life circumstances intervened and those hopes and dreams slipped out of your grasp as you became immersed in daily struggles. While it may be unrealistic to reflect your wildest fantasy of success, the fantasy itself is full of lessons about qualities and characteristics that matter to you. We will help you learn how to take on these lessons with encouragement and self-compassion so that you can begin to emulate them and find a new healthier, happier state of integrity and success.

Coordinated Treatment with Current Therapist(s) – If you already are connected to a therapist in the community, we will help you transition your accomplishments with us back into that ongoing therapeutic relationship so you can feel a continuity of support for this work. People who experience positive changes with Ketamine Assisted Psychotherapy will often choose to return on an intermittent basis (1x/month →a few times/year) for a ‘booster treatment session’. The choice to do this is entirely up to you. As long as it is clear you are benefitting from the treatment, you are welcome to return.

Referrals for Continuing Support – When you receive ketamine treatment, there is critical window of opportunity for making life changes, and it remains open until new patterns and habits settle back in. We want to encourage and support you in establishing new, healthier lifestyles, while your brain is most receptive. We will have a growing list of community treaters ranging from therapists familiar with this work, to service providers offering consults, classes, and trainings in other relevant modalities such as: Nutritionists, Yoga & Meditation Centers, Dance & Movement Centers, Art & Creative Expression classes. Therapy groups, etc… Please note the lists we develop on our resources page, or ask your CHJ therapists/staff.